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At TM LENDING, we are committed to helping you make your next raw land purchase, subdivision project, or construction of a high-rise condominium a reality.

We will provide you with the necessary support and guidance throughout the entire financing process, from the ground you break, to the walls you build, and the home you live in. Let us help you secure the funding you need to make your dreams come true.

For many years, TMLENDING has been dedicated to our customers. We are devoted to providing reliable financial services to our consumers, residential and commercial builders, and corporate customers, and we take pride in doing it right. This is why people rely on TMLENDING for their mortgage and financial needs.

At TMLENDING, we also understand that our success is dependent on the success of the individuals, companies, and communities we serve. Our goal is to provide a mortgage experience that is fast and easy so that you can reach your best potential.

The process of purchasing real estate property or even raw land to build on is a highly exciting, but intricate process. We guide you through the process with loyalty, enthusiasm, and well-earned expertise whether you are venturing to purchase your vacant/ raw land or financing your new construction projects. Our objective at TMLENDING is to be a one-stop-shop to help our clients navigate through one of the biggest decisions when starting a new project. Plus, at TMLENDING we offer the luxury of it all being under one umbrella, and even the opportunity to consolidate all of the project’s loans at various stages.

With the financial strength of a larger institution, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible products and services that cannot be found at their local credit unions and banks.

We strive to deliver exceptional results by providing personalized and attentive services to all of our clients. We are easy to work with and we believe a responsive organization is always the best for every client.


Esi Ghassemi founded TMLENDING in 2015 as a highly experienced mortgage broker.

Originally, he started his journey by obtaining his MBA degree from York University before he started working in the mortgage industry. He has wide range of experience in the mortgage industry, with some of the leading mortgage brokers in Ontario, coupled with over 9 years of experience in the financial industry, make Esi Ghassemi an exceptional mortgage broker. He holds the ability to compare options with multiple banks and lenders in order to help you reach your financial and project goals. Esi listens diligently, compares analytically, and provides expert advice tailored to meet your individual and company needs.


Esi’s vision is to be one of the best mortgage brokers in his community. He believes that he does so by being a trustworthy financing source to all of his clients and referral partners.

Esi Ghassemi 

Licence #:M15001240
Mortgage Broker at Centum Mortgage Professionals Corp.
Brokerage #: 10266

Team Members

Alireza Mirzaei

Millad Saffari

Soroush Hosseini

Erfan Liaghatmand